Welcome to NürnbergMesse North America

New look. New leadership. New Vision.

The new millennium is an exciting time of change and growth. For businesses, it requires flexible solutions that can both accommodate current requirements and adapt with growth. Being knowledgeable about, and ready to implement, the most promising new developments in systems and technologies while taking into account a rapidly changing global economy are vital for successful businesses. We’re here to help them do that. Whether managing your trade show or presenting one of our own industry leading events, NürnbergMesse North America (NMNA) seamlessly incorporates industry and company specifics within a global framework to deliver solutions that create success both today and moving forward.
NMNA is a full subsidiary of NürnbergMesse GmbH located in Nürnberg, Germany. One of 6 global subsidiary operations including Austria, Brazil, China, Italy and India, we bring creativity, integrity and success to our client’s event goals and objectives while ensuring the expansion of their market horizons through advanced opportunities on the world stage.


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